Spectacular nature adventures

Masca   -   The adventure walk

The phenomenal labyrinth of ravines around the picturesque mountain village of Masca is one of the most impressive natural sights on Tenerife. The descent of the Masca ravine is a unique adventure walk and an unforgettable experience. After the walk you have the option of a swim in the Atlantic from Masca beach. Then you go on to Los Gigantes by boat.
Duration of the walk: about 3.5 Hours
Height difference: 600 Metres downhill
Effort: fairly difficult

Fascinating Teno Mountains

This spectacular walk takes you over the meteorological divide of Tenerife and the magical vegetation of the misty forest with breathtaking views of the bizarre ravines of the wild and romantic Teno Massif and the neighbouring islands. In Teno Alto you get to know one of the most remote and unspoilt villages on the island.
Duration of the walk: about 4.5 Hours
Height difference: 500 Metres
Effort: medium

Las Cañadas   -   A walk to enjoy

Mount Teide National Park is without a doubt the most wonderful natural landscape on the island. To begin our walk, we see a fifteen-minute film at the Visitors’ Centre about the origins of this area. Then we walk through a superb volcanic landscape to the crags of “Risco de la Fortaleza”. From the summit, you can enjoy a superb view of Mount Teide which rises opposite. A unique interplay of colour and light.
Duration of the walk: about 3 Hours
Height difference: 200 Metres
Effort: easy

Teide   -   The Royal Tour

The ascent of Spain’s highest mountain is without a doubt the best of all walking trips on the Canary Islands. You have to climb some 1500 metres of unshaded terrain to reach the summit at 3715 metres above sea level. You will be compensated at the top with the most breathtaking of all Panoramas. You will never forget it. You travel down again by cable car. Anybody who does not wish to make the (fully justified) effort of climbing up can also make the ascent by cable car, in which case it is only 160 metres to the top.
Duration of the walk: approximately 4.5 to 5.5 Hours
Height difference: close to 1500 Metres uphill
Effort: difficult

Volcanoes, Lava, Eruptions

A wonderful walk through the area of the most recent volcanic eruption on Tenerife. We walk through a field of lava and can feel the enormous strength of the volcanoes. As the walk continues, we go through a volcanic cave. Could there be another eruption on Tenerife? Fantastic contrasts make this day a truly unique experience.
Duration of the walk: about 3.5 Hours
Height difference: 300 Metres
Effort: easy

The enchanting Orotava Valley

The upper Orotava valley is one of the most beautiful walking areas on the island. Our circular walk takes us through the lovely pine woods and laurel woodland around the famous organ pipes. On a spectacular raised footpath we go through impressive ravines, experience striking rock formations and enjoy the superb views of the Orotava Valley, Puerto de la Cruz and Mount Teide.
Duration of the walk: about 4.5 Hours
Height difference: 500 Metres
Effort: medium

Natural footpaths on Tenerife   -   The active study trip

A real nature trip a million miles away from the paths walked by ordinary tourists with specialist guides. See, smell, feel, hear, taste it all. We discover the breathtaking natural variety of the mini-continent of Tenerife in an active way with four easy walking trips (each of about 30 minutes’ duration, without any significant height differences) to see the most varied climatic and vegetation areas on the island. What a treat!

Agriculture, pinewoods and spectacular views:
Our first walk takes us into the tranquil wilderness in the area of Ifonche at a height of about 1000 metres above sea level in the south of the island. Here you get an insight into the agricultural methods of cultivation and the crops. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Barranco del Infierno (Hell Ravine) from an old threshing floor and of all the holiday resorts in the south of the island. Then you walk into the pine forest and learn something extraordinary about the pines.

The fascinating world of volcanoes:
Our trip then goes on with the micro-bus up to the Las Cañadas del Teide National Park. This is where our second short walk begins through a superb volcanic landscape. The overpowering impressions of the bizarre rock formations and of Mount Teide itself as well as the unique interplay of colours and light are the highly unusual attractions of this lunar landscape. Could Mount Teide erupt again? How is it possible for such a beautiful plant world to exist in this area that is above the clouds on the trade winds?

Ghostly forests of mist:
Our trip continues through the National Park and down towards Puerto de la Cruz. Halfway down to the coast, we reach the misty forests (Monteverde). The fulsome greens and the lushness of the vegetation are clearly different from the volcanic landscape you have just experienced. On the next small walk, we learn a little more about laurel, heather, ferns and lichens. What are the requirements for the existence of this stupendous wealth of plants in the north of the island? For lunch, we go to what is probably the most typical restaurant on the whole island. The “Potaje” (vegetable stew) and the “Conejo al Salmorejo” (Rabbit Canarian style) are better, and cheaper, than anywhere.

Natural beaches in the arid south:
Taking the motorway past La Laguna and Santa Cruz, you again come to the southern side of the island. Once again, we intimately experience the unbelievable variety of the mini-continent of Tenerife. Our last short walk leads us through the desert-like vegetation of the south to the most beautiful natural sandy beach on the island. If the condition of the sea makes it possible, there is the option of a short dip in the Atlantic to bring this wonderful day to a close.

Effort: easy, without significant height differences, total distance 5 Km
Full-day excursion: about 8-9 Hours or 4-5 Hours as a half-day excursion